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If you are interested in screening or purchasing a film, first contact Gravity Hill via:

If you don’t hear back promptly,

please contact the appropriate distributor listed below. Thank you.


GRASSHOPPER FILM  12 E. 32nd Street, 4th floor / New York, NY 10016  646.586.3060 /


For press and booking inquiries contact Brian Hung at THE CINEMA GUILD.
Contact: or call (212) 685-6242.

17 Rue Julien Lacroix | 75020 Paris | France
T +33 1 58 53 57 12 | M +33 6 62 08 81 79


Stiftgasse 6 | 1070 Vienna | Austria
T +43 1 526 33 23-0

for more info on MUSEUM HOURS:

A note re FORMATS: although many of Jem’s films were shot on film, most are distributed on video, digital file, dvd, or blu-ray, with the exception of MUSEUM HOURS (available on DCP, HDCAM, blu-ray, and dvd).  INSTRUMENT, BENJAMIN SMOKE, BUILDING A BROKEN MOUSETRAP, and EMPIRES OF TIN are available as ‘official’ dvd releases as well as on tape. Some other titles may be available on dvd-r or blu-ray through Video Data Bank. Someday, Jem will release more films on dvd/blu-ray, but that day is not yet here.

VIDEO DATA BANK has most of Jem’s works. They deal primarily with institutional venues that wish to rent or buy work for classrooms, libraries, festivals, and other public exhibition. They will also sell some titles to individuals (for home use only).

Video Data Bank ( c/o S.A.I.C.112 S. Michigan Ave.Chicago, IL 60603

Fax: 312.541.8073  Tel: 312.345.3550, 800 634-8544   Email:

In Europe most of the short films and CHAIN are also distributed,for institutional use only, by:

LUX: 18 Shacklewell LaneLondon E8 2EZ, United Kingdom   Tel: + 44 (0)20 7503 3980   Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7503 1606

Email:   see ‘collection’, then ‘online catalogue,’ or go directly to:    and search alphabetically under ‘C’

Additional Distributors: If you are interested in CHAIN for festivals, broadcast, or institutional use, please leave a message through this site first. If you don’t hear right back, contact Video Data Bank or Lux.  CHAIN is not yet out on dvd for the home market.  INSTRUMENT, BENJAMIN SMOKE, and BUILDING A BROKEN MOUSETRAP (THE EX) are available on dvd through: DISCHORD RECORDS (

3819 Beecher St. NW Washington, D.C. 20007-1802, USA

Email:    (703) 351-7507   For home use, the INSTRUMENT dvd can be ordered for $16, U.S. postage paid. Comes with an accompanying 16 page booklet, 2 extra short films: GLUE MAN, and LITTLE FLAGS, and 3 extra live Fugazi performances. For public screenings, contact Dischord, VDB, or LUX. The BENJAMIN SMOKE dvd has 45 minutes of extra material, including: CAT POWER LIVE: FROM FUR CITY (2002, 16mm, 4:30)  THE FOXX AND LITTLE VIC  – Vic Chesnutt with T.Griffin and Catherine McRae (2001, 16mm, 6:30) GEORGIA THIEF –  Smoke at the Clermont Lounge, Atlanta (2002, Super 8, 5:15 min.)

In Europe, for BUILDING A BROKEN MOUSETRAP go to the Ex website shop:       It is listed under ‘Various.’

EMPIRES OF TIN, as well as the Vic Chesnutt record, NORTH STAR DESERTER, co-produced by Jem Cohen, are available through Constellation Records:

A Note re unauthorized posting of Jem’s films on Youtube, Bit-torrent sites, etc.  While we can understand why people would view and post films on the internet that are otherwise unavailable, unofficial internet versions are often sub-par in quality, poorly excerpted, put up in the wrong formats, etc.  Please contact Jem through this site before you post his work on the net. In the case of readily available films, please support an independent filmmaker and his independent distributors by buying or renting the films. It will look much better, and it will help Jem and these organizations keep doing their work. Please be thoughtful and considerate!